1. What is Imaginasyon?  Imaginasyon specializes in photography, videography, video editing and blogging service for business.  We also provide service to private individuals and give advice on how to promote your business online.
  2. Who is behind Imaginasyon? Imaginasyon is led and owned by Wencel, a professional travel/food blogger, photographer, videographer, and layout artist.  He also maintains a local travel blog called Biyaheng Pinoy, Marikeno and a restaurant blog called The Sagada Lemon Pie House.
  3. Why do I need your service if we have a good product already?  A good product is never enough to make money and is not a sure ticket to success.  You would still need computer and internet experts like us to promote your product.  We can guide you on how to maximize the use of your photos, videos, and blogs for your product's benefit.
  4. How much do you charge to cover an event, let's say a wedding or a birthday party or a corporate event?  How much is it for a business blog?  You can inquire for our rates by emailing us at info.imaginasyon@gmail.com. You can also fill out a contact form for your inquiries.
  5. Do you print out the photos or do you only give out soft copies?  Can you place them in a nice photo album for us?  No, we don't print , thus making the charge more affordable than others.  Besides, it's not really our line of work and we never want to disappoint our clients.  Instead, we burn them onto a disc, so you have the option to take it to a developing center and choose only the photos you want to print.  However, if you insist, we can print them for you for an additional charge but still, no photo albums.
  6. I already have a blog and everyone is making blogs of their own for free.  Why do you have to do it for me?  Yes, blogs are free and any one can get their own blog.  However, we do things differently.  We can make your blog look really good and attractive. We also make it very functional and easy to use for all your readers.  In result, it attracts more clients and more customers.
  7. Why do you offer blogs instead of websites?  Unlike websites, blogs are free.  You can keep it as long as you want without paying the service.  Unless you would like to customize the URL name of your site, only then you would have to pay for your blog.  For example, you get a free blog from Blogger.com which you named MYBUSINESS.BLOGSPOT.COM.  You don't have to pay for that blog and you can have that for as long as you want. It would also cut cost from web hosting.  Now, let's say you'd like to register your blog for a domain named MYBUSINESS.COM, which is a lot easier to remember, then that's the time you'd have to pay an annual rate to a specific host.  Besides, blogs are getting more and more popular these days.  We can also make your blog look almost like a website.  Paying someone to design a blog would be a lot more affordable than to pay someone to design a website.
  8. We do not know how to maintain a blog/website?  Can you do that for us?  Yes, we also offer that service.  We can maintain your website and for an additional minimum rate, we can also help you promote your website for better business. 
  9. We have other questions to ask.  How do we contact you?  We hope that we've answered most of your questions through this FAQ section.  However, if you need more information, simply fill out a contact us form or send us a direct email of your inquiries, questions & suggestions at info.imaginasyon@gmail.com.