About Us

IMAGINASYON specializes in photography, videography, video editing and blogging services.  The author had photographed, shot videos, and traveled in so many parts of the country.  He owns travel blogs called Biyaheng Pinoy, Marikeño and Surviving Sagada.

He is a 34-year old freelance photographer and video editor. Started taking pictures when he was only 5 years old with his father, a hobbyist photographer, as his mentor. His first camera was a Ricoh SLR film camera which his father bought in Riyadh when he was only two years old. He tried digital photography in 2003. He took two years of Computer Programming and another two years of Computer Engineering in a university in Makati City. Worked as a technical support agent in Quezon City for 4 years. Left his well-paying job because he couldn't stand seeing his ugly supervisor everyday. He loves to travel, read books, and eat good food. He sometimes regrets that he should have taken Culinary Arts in college instead. He's a frustrated chef. His favorite place in the country is Sagada because of its cold climate, beautiful mountains, majestic views, and very loving people.

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